Matt Children's Hope Foundation support underprivileged rural children with effective-sustainable interventions to promote quality education through positive mindset change.



The program aims at promoting access to quality education, and ensuring that children attend school by benefiting from school supplies and sponsorship.


The program ensures that beneficiaries have access to good health services to promote continued learning and retention during the school days. MCHF believe that, a health person is a health world.


The program aims at building creative and innovative community leaders able to assertively study causes that affect them and the community and hinder development and provide solutions for good change.

Why Matt Children's Hope Foundation and its interventions?

Would you like to make a lasting positive impact?


It aims at strengthening and enhancing positive growth of underprivileged rural children and young people through its long-term data informed, and holistic child development strategies. MCHF focuses on implementing programs and projects that creates new educational, and vocational training opportunities, mentorship and guidance services.

What is sponsorship at MCHF?

Sponsorship is a long-term recurring sponsoring of a child until they graduate from our programs.

Where we work

The South Luangwa National Park marks the end of the Great Rift Valley, one of the last remaining unspoiled wilderness areas and possibly the finest wildlife sanctuary in Africa.

It is your kindness and empathy by donating time, money, acumen and prayers that support our interventions - join us!