Board Leadership

"We are a team that delivers services with passion by ensuring that a child grow with a positive mindset and free from poverty"

Mathews Tembo - CEO

Mathews started his career at St. Monica parish catholic church, as  voluntary bible facilitator of children. He has 6 years experience as Development Activist for the vulnerable communities. He is the former librarian at Children International – Zambia, where he delivered his services for the underprivileged children with a positive history.

Mathews also worked at Edulution – Zambia as Math facilitator. He was graduated to Silver Star coach after his positive commitment towards improving the lives of the children and productivity of the organisation – he was recognised with a certificate of his efforts.

Mathews is further building his career in community and social services majoring studies in Ba. Degree in Development Studies focusing on Development in general, Development Economics and International Development on the University of Lusaka.

Thomas Kaula - Chair Person

Chair Person

Mulenga Mwamba - Vice Chair Person
Mulenga Mwamba is an enthusiastic young lady, creative and innovative. She is self-motivated and believes that within the scope of her profession and leadership she contributes to the Change to the world while serving mankind as it’s her passion. Professionally, Mulenga has build her career in Agriculture, Diploma level and majored in education. For the past 6 years she has served at Edulution – Zambia, social enterprise company.

In 2016, Mulenga graduated to Silver Star coach and in May she took up a challenging role to work in 6 schools serving 300 children per school, training 12 youths in facilitating Mathematics by means of smart technology, leadership , management and Communication skills. Later in 2019 to 2021, Mulenga worked in Luangwa and extended her training to Namibia and South-Africa as one of the experienced leaders in the company.

Mulenga’s profession journey has being helping children improve their numeracy skills and training youth to take responsibility in their communities and contributing positively in remote areas of Zambia.
Noah Chinyimba - Project Advisor

Project Adivisor

Caroline Chikobolo - Director of Programs

Director of Programs

Serah Chiteta - Secretary


Noah Muyembe - Board Member

Board Member

Christopher Chongo - Treasurer


Executive Leadership

Laika Malimbilimbi

Executive Director

Juan José Álvarez Contreras

Fundraising & Donor Relations

Moses Silavwe

Assistant IT Manager