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"Get involved to our impactful delivery interventions that change lives of children and youth for the better...."


Sponsor a child at only $35 .00 per month for them to attend school without disturbance, healthcare services and MCHF skillful programs. Write to our programs team at

Oral Hygiene

Health is Wealth

Support the oral hygiene for children to manifest their efforts in education with nothing psychological to affect them. They need tooth paste and a tooth brush to fight the oral infections. Would you ike to improve oral hygiene? Get in touch at Your support is apprecaited. 

Contact Our Support Team By:


Phone: +260 965 404 040

WhatsApp: +260 965 404 040

Sanitary Towel Project

Sanitary Towels for Girls and Menstrual Hygiene Education Campaign is an initiative that seeks to help young girls from rural
marginalized communities. Every month in Africa 1 in every 5 girls misses school due to lack of sanitary towels. This breaks it down to about 30% of school days missed in a year. In addition, girls during the menstrual periods lack self-esteem, fear to lose dignity for unsafe menstrual hygiene practices. Your every donation to this cause curbs the menstrual hygiene poverty. Get involved, every $1 counts.

Youth Program

The youth programs  aims at building creative and innovative community leaders that are able to assertively study and provide solutions to problems. The intervention provide life-changing skills and employability for many young people. We it amazing witnessing a group of younger people get involved in productive and empowering activities for future economic self-sustainability. Get to support some youth programs and change a life.

Start A Fundraiser

Please get involved and support the growth of the foundation that aims at ensuring needs and wants of children and youth in the rural areas of Zambia are addressed by starting a fundraiser on any of our programs and project. To learn more, kindly write to us at Thank you for your kindness. 

With gratitude, thank you for your kind donation and believing in our work.

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