About MCHF Zambia

Matt Children’s Hope Foundation (MCHF) is a nonprofit making non-governmental organization that aims at strengthening and enhancing positive growth of underprivileged rural children and young people through our long-term data informed, and holistic child development strategies. MCHF focuses on implementing programs and projects that creates new educational, and vocational training opportunities, mentorship and guidance services. We deliver our interventions to scale down the rural poverty of Zambia by empowering children and young people with a positive change of mindset to achieve sustainable development.

  • Vision: Seeing children growing up with a broader mindset towards achieving their dreams through different measures of education and be self-reliant. 
  • Mission: To eradicate poverty through change of mindset, education and health, promoting and enabling quality services to vulnerable communities. 

MCHF commit to achieve its mission by:

1.       Targeting children and youth with awareness and advocacy programs to strengthen their commitment to education and cultivate their sense of responsibility to their communities.


2.       Targeting the underprivileged youth with effective skill-building programs that responds to the needs of labor market by increasing their employment prospects.


3.       Using MCHF’s network to promote adolescent health and reproductive education of children and the youth, both boys and girls.

4.       Providing continuous follow-up and mentoring services to registered children and youth to help them advance their careers with focus and;


5.       Advocating the concept of voluntary service with the graduating youth from our programs in providing voluntary relief and community services to needy communities.