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learn more about our CHARITABLE ORGANISATION thriving to EDUCATE, INSPIRE, and SUPPORT lives of rural children and their communities

Taking a different course to fight against poverty through positive change of mindset.

We set an inspiring exposure for our children in poverty, offering them holistic interventions to build hope for a brighter future through education sponsorship and  life skills with the support from our donor community and networks. Our target ensures that, not only will children benefit from our deliberate interventions but also their mindsets are positively shaped to support their communities as they graduate from our programs and be self-reliant. 

The key areas of Matt Children's Hope Foundation

We strive to deliver our intervention for impactful outcomes to reduce rural poverty for improved quality of living.



Youth Innovation

Clean Water


Mathews Tembo – Founder and CEO

Our History

The Matt Children’s Hope Foundation, began on a serene land of Mfuwe, Eastern Province of Zambia. It was founded by Mr. Mathews Tembo who has built a career around community development and humanitarian delivery approaches. He is majoring in BA. in Development Studies at the University of Lusaka. MCHF focuses on implementing programs and projects that creates new educational, and vocational training opportunities, mentorship and guidance services. We deliver our interventions to scale down the rural poverty of Zambia by empowering children and young people with a positive change of mindset to achieve sustainable development. The foundation settled its delivery services on Nsefu chiefdom, remotest area on Eastern province of Zambia. MCHF took the plight of children and youth as an opportunity to render them an everlasting impact, to visualise hope and curb poverty.

Core Values


Respect for Humanity

MCHF believe in humanity, sharing the same respect for all humans and all races.


We take respect to be fully accountable for our actions towards our services.


We work to produce quality outcomes for our children and youth we serve and all our supportive wings.


We take honesty and poses strong moral principles. Respect for all is our divine pride.


Openness is our key value to build trust for  sponsors and the rest of the world across all MCHF delivery services to its beneficiaries.


We build on trustworthy attributes towards our endeavours and poise wellperforming working culture.

Our Gallary

"Our thrive aims at delivering the best for the children in need, through your kind giving"

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