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"How it started...."

Matt Children's Hope Foundation (MCHF) was founded by Mathews Tembo, with more than five years experience working with children serving organisations. He is currently receiving tertiary education in Bachelors Degree in Development Studies in Zambia. With his untamed passion for positive development, he maximised his efforts to focus on the least reached rural lives. Later, with his passion just from a 2017 idea, he organised college and University youth scholars with the common ambition to register an organisation bearing the name 'Matt Children's Hope Foundation'.

The organisation's dream began on Mfuwe, Mambwe district of Chipata town, Eastern province of Zambia, and that was the first experience of the founder to live among rural settlers. In the year 2019, due to vast problems identified in rural Africa, the organisations was registered. Problems include, lack of proper education delivery services, lack of access to proper medical care and facilities, and lack of positive and quality social exposure, among others, child abuse (both girls and boys).

The organisation is developing at a steady speed, having fifty (50) registered children, and reached more than 1100 and twelve active governing team members. We are currently in search of donors, funders and sponsors in order to register and serve more than 3000 children around Mambwe district in the next five years time. We believe in togetherness!  The organisation walk with an inspirational goal as quote "A World of Positive Minds and Free from Poverty"

Why Matt Children's Hope Foundation?

We deliver our deliberate holistic intervention to reduce rural poverty through change of mindset for social and economic sustainability. We rely on the sponsors, funders and donor community who make it possible to deliver our services in health, education, youth vocation skill and social impacts for sustainable development. For 3 years, we have helped children and youth with different negative impart using our methodical model  and it has been a success. Join Us!

Our Core Values

Respect for Humanity

MCHF believe in humanity, sharing the same respect for all humans and all races.


Transparency builds the trust throughout out MCHF interventions and spread  to the rest of its communities for effectiveness of its project and programs.


We build on trustworthy attributes towards our endeavors and poise well-performing working culture.


We take honesty and poses strong moral principles. respect for all people is our divine pride


MCHF work to produce quality outcomes for our children, youths we serve and all our supportive communities.


We take respect to be fully accountable for our actions towards all our service operations.

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Impact Stories

Addressing Africa's Challenges At Their Core
Joseph and Ephraim, they had time to share views of what has affected the lives of the youths around Mambwe district, a rural settlement. They wish to have the power in the decision making and able to make a change that will positively impact on life. Issues of child abuse, child marriage, lack of youth resource centers, and lack of economic youth project. They are happy that they are able to share and air views that will put to stop of some the ill activities for a stable Zambia, free from uncomfortable situations. 
Joseph and Ephraim
Daniel Kamwendo is an inspiration to his community. He was born on Eastern province of Zambia, in Nsefu village, remotest places there is. Daniel's humble education journey began at Nsefu primary school and later graduated with a diploma as primary school teacher. He later decided to start teaching at his old school the same place he met MCHF team. He is passionate to serve children and enquired how he may be part of our journey. Daniel today mentors our registered children and he is happy to do so. He has drastically helped children upgrade their academic delivery and we are proud to have him on board, true example of 'giving back to the community'.
Story of Daniel Kamwendo (MCHF Children Mentor)
"Mask up right, covid-19 is real" . The world has been hit by the corona virus 2019 wave, that has left the world wondering when it will end. We care about humanity and here we emphasise that Covid-19 preventive measure MUST be followed with strict adherence. By doing so, we are preventing the spread and appreciate one another in kindness, life is precious. With thanks to World Health Organisation (www.who.org) for there efforts, medical teams and the rest of the world in the frontline combating the pandemic. "STAY SAFE" - mchf
Hope For A Health World

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